The Truth Beneath the Smile

  • 17 September 2015

Every year, I do something special in celebration of my birthday. Back in 2014, I started a project called ‘the Truth beneath the Smile’. I made posts about parts of my past stories or facts about myself each day in order to let my friends get to know me better. The stories were either funny or serious problems I faced.


The Truth beneath the Smile

Class bell rings. A young little kid sits in the classroom reading books, all of a sudden a kid runs to his seat and sneaks his pencil case away. They step on it and throw it to the bin.

He didn’t do anything to go against them because he didn’t want to exasperate them and lose those ‘friends’, so he pretended nothing happen. At the bottom of his heart, he was heartbroken because that pencil case was a gift from his favourite teacher at the elementary school who made him promise to be kind no matter what happens.


Who is he?

He was a shy person who didn’t talk much, but eager to make a friend, any friend. Unfortunately, everyone kept their distance from him because everyone thought he is a weirdo with ugly hairstyles. People gossiped about him, and made things up that he never did to push people away from him. He was trying to be kind to everyone, but, somehow, people believed gossip over what they actually feel about him.

With having no any single friend, he had to deal with those harsh comments, mean words, and people rolling their eyes when seeing him alone every single day. He was afraid and scared, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Coz if he say something to the teacher, he is going lose all of his ‘friends’.

I was that kid.

Today, you might find me a total different person, but this whole bullying thing has been hunting me forever. What’s hunting me? Feeling sad without any reason against your will.


What changed me?

By the time I got into college, I told myself I can’t live a life like this any more, a life that is manipulated by others. I have to live up my own life and prove my self-worth.

Since then, I have been involved in many projects that help people to have a friendly place to live. I inspire people to be brave and help them go through the shadows of being bullied. I never yelled at anyone because I believe there is a better way to sort things out without hurting other’s self-esteem. I always tell my friends to be kind coz I know how it feels to be bullied. Nobody deserve to live a life of being bullied!

If you finish reading this post, I hope my story inspires you. Nobody is born to be perfect, but each and every one of you is special. You don’t need someone to tell you what’s your worth because you know you are awesome!

Be kind to one another.


I love comedy and the Ellen DeGeneres show. If you love to laugh, I'm sure we will get along ☺