I Shut Down My Facebook Account

  • 17 September 2015

Sorry I haven't been updating my Facebook page for a while. It was temporarily shot down, and that is why some of you couldn't reach me on Facebook the past few days. I will explain that later after the updates.

While I was gone, I finally got my diploma for my bachelor degree of arts in communication, so I AM OFFICIALLY GRADUATED! 🎊🎇🎉

Wohooooo 😘 I have so many people to thank but I will just leave it here today.


So why did I shut down my Facebook?

Long story short, I have a problem. (I guess that did not answer the question 😂) There is something that I had been suffering from – cyber-bullying. Even though I think I’m almost recovered from the shadow of bullying, but that feeling has gotten me – the feeling of not being able to be myself and that everyone is mocking me.

What happened to me? Read the full story here.

So things were getting worst while waiting for my military notice. I stayed at home literally doing nothing at all. I wish I could work, but I can’t because I haven’t finish the military service, so no one is gonna hire me. All I did was sitting on the sofa refreshing Facebook.

I started feeling depressed.

I feel like nobody cares about me and I’m alone. Everyday is getting worse. I though it was just a one-day thing, but it continues until last Sunday – I had a breakdown. Starting to realise how bad the situation was getting, I decided to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – shut it down. I closed my Facebook page and lived my life without it for the whole week. I called it ‘the testing’.

Surprisingly, I’m getting used to it pretty fast. The depression was gone and I feel happy again. During the testing, I started to learn French and website coding. It was awesome!

Anyway, for the sake of my health, I decide to keep myself away from Facebook for a while. However, I will remain my account open, so if you need me, you know where to find me 😉


I love comedy and the Ellen DeGeneres show. If you love to laugh, I'm sure we will get along ☺